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{For Japan With Love} Donate & Bloggers Day of Silence

For days I’ve been looking at pictures of the destruction in Japan and wondering…wondering how the people are doing, but knowing not all is well. Japan’s residents are not only dealing with the loss of lives (which is what I consider one of the most difficult things in life to overcome) but the loss of everything. Obviously all the missing people is of most concern and the survivors needing the basic essentials to stay alive, but then I think of what if everything I knew was just gone. The park where I had all my childhood memories. gone. All my cherished photos. gone. Home my husband and I worked so hard for. gone. All of that would be so hard to recover from and I’m hoping they know how much we care about them. So let’s do something to show them by getting them the basics of shelter and supplies!

A fund has been established For Japan With Love (founders Ever Ours and Utterly Engaged) and and is taking donations and has claimed March 18 a bloggers day of silence to acknowledge this horrible devastation in Japan. If you’re able to financially help or want more information about For Japan With Love, here is a link: and to donate look in the top right and click the +Click Here to Donate.

If you are a blogger, spread the word and encourage people to donate to Japan. March 18 is a day to refrain from blogging and a time to reflect on what is occurring in Japan right now.

If you can donate, thank you. It’s the least we can do.

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