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{Las Vegas Baby!} WPPI 2011

I’m way behind on posting photos! Last Thursday I came home from Las Vegas after having a wonderful time at WPPI for a week and hanging out and meeting some wonderful photographers! I didn’t realize how many from across the world there would be (15,000!), but it was such a coming together of photog minds! My mind is spinning with everything that I’ve learned. Now if I only had time to implement everything into my business and life. Some stuff that I will be able to change is to better communicate with and educate potential clients about who I am as an artist and photographer and what it all entails. So much more goes into photography than just showing up and having a good time! Although that is my number one goal; have fun and capture some amazing moments, but the work doesn’t stop there!

Some of the speakers I enjoyed were Jim Garner (local in Seattle), [b]ecker (his speech was more motivational), and Sal Cincotta. I went to almost every workshop I could from 8am to 8:30pm and then there were events after that (I didn’t go to many because I was sooo tired and my hotel bed was just too comfy to leave!). Lighting workshops were amongst the ones I was most interested in attending, but you can only handle so much technical stuff. Photography is all about lighting and I’d say it’s the most difficult to master. No joke, in every lighting class something malfunctioned or went wrong…us in the audience just looked at each other and muddle under our breath “thank goodness we’re not alone!”. If they have trouble with their settings, then I feel fine about getting frusterated now and again!

I should also mention the 3 day trade show! Woah! If you know a photographer (me!) you know how much stuff they just have to have and I’m one of them. The trade show was full of anything and everything you could ever need/want for your business. I got to meet some of my vendors in person and that was cool to put an actual person to the product. I bought a Kelly Moore bag (the B-Hobo) that I’ve wanted forever and some other stuff for my business while it was on sale. I also scouted out some album companies because I really want to start marketing albums to my clients. Albums are what people have out to show people, they’re much more used and looked at then some negatives sitting on the computer…that’s my experience anyway.

A few photos of when Charlie came for a few days to visit. We did the strip and also rented a car for a day and went to Hoover Dam, Mead Lake, and Valley of Fire State Park…it was the bomb! Beautiful! Sunny!…unlike the weather right now.:)

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